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TiVo Digital Video Recorder TEST

With nearly all audio and visual products now available in digital form, isn't it time to upgrade your home television system? Today's inexpensive new technology means that recording your favorite television sitcom is easier and more convenient than ever, with virtually perfect playback quality. More about TiVo Digital Video Recorders.

DirecTV and TiVo

DirecTV and TiVo have combined their services to give users a unique system that will allow them to enhance their programming and ability to record it at any time using a single piece of hardware. On their own, DirecTV and TiVo both require you to install a standard receiver box that is about the size of a DVD player. The obvious benefit of combining the two is the amount of space you save and can use for other accessories
More about DirecTV and TiVo.

HDTV and Progressive Scan

High-definition television, or HDTV, has been gaining steam for quite a while now as more and more people are upgrading their home entertainment hardware. Basically, HDTV is an improvement in the amount of definition, or pixels, that your television set can display at one time. The resolution, a term that defines the lines of color information displayed on your screen, is much higher on a HDTV-compatible television set than a set without HDTV.
More about HDTV and Progressive Scan.

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